The Lonely Continent

A Murder in Walsh, part II

Justice and Jailbreaks

  • The Party discussed the case with the other Auditors, choosing not to reveal what they had learned about Craddo Terrigan‘s innocence. They learned, however, that Coral Goodbarrel had noticed during her investigation of the crime scene that a page from Prokofian Amberline’s personal ledger had been neatly and carefully torn out. (The Party would later confirm this.) After a brief discussion, the Auditors decided that they had gathered enough evidence and would allow the next day’s hearing to proceed on schedule. The Party retired to their quarters for the night.
  • In the dead of night, the Party was again summoned by Pelisar Bottomleaf to the empty quarters at the end of the hall. They filled him in on what they had learned; he seemed elated to learn that his theory had been correct. Pelisar advised the Party not to advocate for Craddo’s release; instead, they should allow him to be convicted, then free him from prison before his execution.
  • Pelisar gave the Party an enchanted monocle to use during the trial; he requested that one of them use it to spy on Asulia Kopis from the Auditors’ box. Zendra took charge of the artifact. Pelisar also gave them the location of a farm outside of Walsh where he could meet with them after the trial.
  • Soon after the meeting with Pelisar, all six members of the Party were roused from their beds by two Wardens of the Court and escorted through the streets of Walsh to a small weaver’s shop in the merchant quarter. There, surrounded and outnumbered by armed men, they met with a half-elf who called himself Stranglevine. Professing to know the details of their investigation, including their interview with Rolly Hooper, this Stranglevine suggested to the Party in clear terms that they should abandon any attempt to pardon Craddo Terrigan. He paid them in gold for their silence—an unambiguously illegal act under Walsh law—and further implied that any disobedience would be met with physical harm. (After some discussion of the details of the encounter, the Party would later conclude that “Stranglevine” was most likely a leader of one of Walsh’s underground criminal syndicates. Pelisar believes that he had been paid by Asulia Kopis to influence the outcome of the trial and that he bought or coerced the cooperation of two Wardens of the Court, the Auditor Hish-tet, and possibly others.) The Party returned safely to the Hall of Truth and Law.
  • The following morning, after the Auditors informed the Scribe of the Court that no further time was needed for the gathering of evidence, the trial proceeded as planned. Skamos Mellix offered convincing proof of Craddo Terrigan’s guilt; Barstok Pelwich again offered no arguments and called no witnesses. Craddo sat calm and smug for the duration of the trial.
  • Zendra was able to use the monocle to spy on Asulia Kopis; she reported a strange magical effect and was also sure that Asulia had somehow known what she was doing.
  • After brief deliberation, the Auditors voted to convict Craddo Terrigan. When the Arbiter pronounced the verdict, Craddo Terrigan was clearly stunned and began shouting and raving about his innocence until they dragged him out of the court.
  • The Party met with Pelisar at Effri Hart’s farm to discuss plans for rescuing Craddo. Pelisar was in possession of a teleportation device (a magical rope which, when activated, would transport anyone touching it to a previously prepared circle), so it was decided that after he got the Party into the prison he would set up the teleportation circle outside the city and wait for them there.
  • The Party spent the following day gathering their possessions and preparing to leave Walsh.
  • Late that night, the Party met Pelisar in front of one of the side entrances to the Hall of Truth and Law, where they were admitted by a guard, obviously a friend of Pelisar’s. Maneuvering carefully, Pelisar was able to sneak them down into the dungeon without being spotted; they were instructed to wait half an hour for him to set up the teleportation circle.
  • On cue, the Party stormed the prisons. Contrary to Pelisar’s instructions, they killed several members of the Watch during the skirmish, but they did manage to successfully reach Craddo and activate the device. Once outside the city, they followed Pelisar back to the farm.



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