The Lonely Continent

Into the Wild, pt I

Riverboat Roamin'

  • At Pelisar Bottomleaf‘s hideout in the village of Honeywell, the Party planned their journey to Bitterrun Mine to investigate Asulia Kopis’ recent acquisition of Volan Minerals. Pelisar suggested a route designed to avoid well-traveled roads and prying eyes—the Party would travel west to the Bariv River, there to meet Clepper Peck, captain of the Merry Mackerel, who would transport them South in secret, after which they would journey East across the Western Expanse, traverse the Spine at “Breakneck” Pass, and enter Areen at a border station near the Volan River. From there it would be a short trek across the plains to reach the mine; if all went according to plan, the journey would take around a month.
  • Before setting out, Pelisar gave the Party a worn golden ring which, he said, would allow them to call on him if their situation became desperate; he promised to come to their aid as quickly as possible if they used it.
  • After parting with Pelisar, the Party journeyed west to the Bariv River.
  • The Party met Clepper Peck at “Ballard’s Fork.” He pledged to help them travel in secret, trusting them—he said—for Pelisar’s sake, whom he seemed to respect immensely.
  • Staying below deck during the day and avoiding contact with the crew, the Party traveled up river for over two weeks. The trip was boring except for one strange incident. Noticing the strange behavior of an unusually large rat that had been making regular appearances in the hold, Braydin used a “Detect Magic” spell to check for magical influence; sure enough, the rat was emanating an unmistakable aura of magic. As soon as he cast the spell, the rat fled from the hold and lept into the water, never to be seen again.
  • The Party left the Merry Mackerel several days early, leaving a misleading note. They journeyed across the forest and into the mountains, finding their way with relative ease and living off of the land.
  • About a day away from Breakneck Pass, the Party was attacked as they slept by a small band of marauding Orcs. (They had seen signs over the past few days that Orcs were in the vicinity.) The Orcs dropped boulders from a clifftop and charged down into the camp, but the Party quickly drew together and repelled their attack, slaying the entire band.
  • Successfully negotiating the pass, the Party began the climb back down into the lowlands.



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