The Lonely Continent

A Murder in Walsh, part I

Intrigue and Investigation

  • Members of The Party were introduced for the first time as they were sworn in as Auditors in the murder trial of Craddo Terrigan.
  • The Party attended the opening hearing of the trial under Arbiter Burrastian Salamon. The Advocate of the Court, Skamos Mellix, offered convincing proof of Terrigan’s guilt; Barstok Pelwich, Advocate of the Accused, reported a plea of “not guilty” but made no further argument.
  • After spending some time getting to know each other, the Auditors retired to their court-provided quarters; each Party member found a note inviting them to a secret meeting later that night in an unused room. When they arrived, they met Pelisar Bottomleaf.
  • Pelisar informed the party that he believed Craddo Terrigan to be innocent; after forcing them to take a magical oath of silence, he told his story. He claims to be a former member of “The Hand of Pelor,” a secret organization dedicated to preserving peace throughout Urda. According to him, the group’s leader, a man named Caius Justinian, disappeared several years ago and is presumed dead. Caius had always been careful to keep the Hand of Pelor “cellular,” keeping the identity of each operative secret even from other members of the Hand, so after his death Pelisar was left on his own—he has no idea whether any other members are still operating or even alive. For the last two years Pelisar has been following Caius’ last order—to investigate a Getheen business called Memnon’s Antiquities.
  • Pelisar informed the Party that, a few months after Caius’ disappearance, Memnon’s was acquired by a woman named Asulia Kopis following the sudden death of the previous owner. Pelisar claimed that he had connected at least a dozen murders to this woman and that he had followed her to Walsh, where she seemed to have taken an interest in Terrigan’s trial. Pelisar was certain that she had something to do with the murder of Prokofian Amberline.
  • Pelisar asked The Party to investigate on his behalf, as his ability to travel freely in Walsh was limited. He directed them to visit the house of Bertin Hooper, a deceased associate of Terrigan’s. He cautioned them not to trust anyone, claiming that at least one other Auditor had been compromised.
  • The Party spent the next day investigating. They visited Rolly Hooper, widow of Bertin Hooper. At first she was reluctant to talk in the presence of the Warden of the Court, but after The Party dismissed him from the room she was visibly relieved; after a charm spell from Rivvin Iblith she was happy to confess everything she knew. Contrary to Pelisar’s instructions, this interview took place in the presence of Hish-tet, one of the other Auditors.
  • The Party learned that Bertin Hooper and Craddo Terrigan had been longstanding “partners in crime,” going all the way back to their time together in the Crushers, a local gang. According to Rolly, “Bert” knew that Craddo could not have committed the murder of Prokofian Amberline because the two criminals had been together that night committing a mugging. Bertin had been planning to come forward with this evidence, but he was murdered—partially incinerated, in fact, during a botched smuggling deal—before he had the chance. Furthermore, Rolly claimed that Bertin’s grave had been disturbed sometime after he was buried.
  • The Party attempted to interview Craddo Terrigan, but he was completely unhelpful.
  • The Party also visited the crime scene, but learned little that they didn’t already know.
  • The Party headed back to the Hall of Truth and Law.



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