The Lonely Continent

Into the Wild, Pt II

Bounties and Bribery

  • The Party continued their journey to Bitterrun Mine, making their way down the eastern side of the Spine without incident.
  • As they traveled across the Western Expanse towards the border of Areen, they were attacked by a mysterious, cloaked figure who seemed to have the ability to change into animals. He shot N’Ganda with a poised arrow doused in some foul-smelling concoction designed to attract owlbears. The Party was attacked soon afterwards by a mated pair of the creatures, but managed to kill them by attacking from the trees and keeping them distracted and separated.
  • After traversing the forest, the Party donned their disguises as they prepared to cross into Areen at a border station on the Volan River. (Marali posed as a merchant travelling with her bodyguard and slaves.) Rivvin Iblith, refusing at the last minute to pose as a slave, decided to make the crossing alone and in secret. He intended to swim across, but after spotting a huge dorsal fin surfacing in the middle of the river, he elected to sneak across the bridge.
  • In order to procure a merchant’s visa, Marali was forced to hand over a massive bribe to the soldier manning the border station. Later that night, Rivvin snuck into the station under an invisibility spell while Braydin distracted the guards, retrieving the Party’s gold—and hundreds more—along with a few useful papers and a wand. They made camp on the plains away from the road.



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