The Lonely Continent

Off the Grid

Arachnids and Artifacts

  • Back at Effri Hart‘s farm after their escape from the Hall of Truth and Law, the Party interrogated Craddo Terrigan with the help of Pelisar Bottomleaf. Under the influence of a “Zone of Truth” spell, Craddo told them everything he knew. He had been paid by Prokofian Amberline, for whom he had worked many times before, to steal a magical artifact as it was changing hands in Valan. He had returned to Walsh and handed over the artifact, but not before removing a crucial—and, he hoped, valuable—component and stashing it with a friend at a bolt hole in the Western Expanse. A few days later, Amberline was murdered and Craddo was arrested for the crime; his cudgel would later be found covered in Amberline’s blood, but Craddo was adamant that he had not committed the murder. Craddo also stated that he had been assured that he would not be convicted by members of what he called “The New Outfit,” the criminal syndicate led by “Stranglevine”. He further admitted to having committed many awful crimes during the Walsh Crisis.
  • Once the interrogation was over, Pelisar dragged Craddo Terrigan outside the farmhouse. Summoning a clearly magical warhammer from thin air, he proclaimed Craddo guilty of crimes against man and nature and executed him with a single blow to the head.
  • Warning the Party that, as wanted murderers, they were now being hunted by any number of lawmen and/or bounty hunters, Pelisar offered to lead them to a safe place he knew where they would be able to rest, regroup, and continue to help him in his investigation of Asulia Kopis; proving her guilt, he said, would be the only way for the Party to clear their names and return to normal life. Reluctantly, they agreed.
  • The Party traveled without incident to the village of Honeywell. To keep from being noticed, the travelled only at night and avoided the roads.
  • The Party agreed to help Pelisar by journeying to Craddo’s bolt hole and finding the stolen component while he (Pelisar) travelled to Valan to confirm Craddo’s story. Before his departure, Pelisar gave the party a heavy, black sphere about the size of a fist, which he said was a magical artifact that should protect them from scrying and other forms of magical tracking. Once again avoiding the roads where possible and sticking to the forest, the Party made the trip to the cabin without incident, getting some help along the way from a herd of deer that Braydin Sylvanwood was able to communicate with.
  • The Party arrived at the cabin to find that it (and the whole surrounding area) had been infested with giant spiders. After finding the artifact (a small, smooth, gently glowing tube) on the corpse of Craddo’s friend “Rogen”, they were forced to fight their way out, killing a dozen spiders along with their ettin “shepherd.” They returned to Honeywell to wait for Pelisar.
  • On his return, Pelisar reported that he had learned that the artifact Craddo Terrigan stole had indeed been intended for purchase by one of Asulia Kopis’ intermediaries, proving (at least circumstantially) her motive for Amberline’s murder; he was delighted to find that the Party had also achieved their goal. Taking them into his confidence, he told them what he knew about Asulia. He suggested several leads he thought were worth investigating—her company’s heavy involvement in artifacts trafficked from the Talarian Empire, the disappearance of a wizard from Manse coinciding with one of her trips there, and her recent acquisition of a small mining company in Areen. Together, they decided that the Party would journey to Areen to investigate the mine while Pelisar caught up with Asulia in Getheen.



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